The aim of this research programme is to reduce noise exposure and noise nuisance for people living near national roads, and to identify methods that could improve the way noise is perceived by these people.

This research programme will examine the following three subthemes:

  1. Quieter Tyres, Tyre labelling system and Pavements
  2. Optimization and securing the performance of noise barriers
  3. Psycho-Acoustics: Improved understanding of people’s subjective reactions to road noise.

Following an open Call between 14 December 2018, and 29 March 2019, the Programme Executive Board subsequently selected three successful projects.

STEER – STrengthening the Effect of quieter tyres on European Roads

Project Partners: Grolimund + Partner AG – environmental engineering (Switzerland), VTI – Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (Sweden), Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) (Belgium), SINTEF – Applied research, technology and innovation (Norway), Nokian Renkaat Oyj (Finland).

Project results:

Final Conference presentations:

SOPRANOISE – Securing and Optimizing the Performance of Road trAffic NB with New methOds and In-Situ Evaluation

Project Partners: Acoustic Technologies (A-Tech) (Belgium), Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT) (Austria), Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) (Germany), University of Bologna, Dept. of Industrial Engineering (DIN) (Italy), European Union Road federation (ERF) (Belgium).

Project results:

Final Conference presentations

FAMOS – FActors MOderating people’s Subjective reactions to road noise

Project Partners: FORCE Technology (Denmark), LÄRMKONTOR GmbH (Germany), SINTEF (Norway).

Project results:

Summary of the Final Programme Conference is available in the Final Conference Report.

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