Transnational Research Programme

The CEDR Transnational Research Programme (TRP) operates through a series of annual transnational calls on topics that address the needs of European road authorities. The aim is to produce research results that can be implemented by CEDR members and contribute to a safe, sustainable and efficient road network across Europe.  It is funded by CEDR members on a voluntary basis. Participation is open to any legal entity, though all projects must be led by a legal entity from a European country.

The TRP emerged from the ERANET ROAD (ENR) programme. The first Call for Proposals under ENR was launched in 2008 and, following the conclusion of ENR in 2011, the Calls have been managed through the CEDR TRP.

Information on the topics and outputs of each Call can be found at the links below.

CEDR Call 2024 (in preparation)

CEDR Call 2023

CEDR Call 2022

CEDR Call 2021

CEDR Call 2020

CEDR Call 2019

CEDR Call 2018

CEDR Call 2017

Call 2016

Call 2015

Call 2014

Call 2013

Call 2012

ERA-NET ROAD (2008-2011)