The aim of this programme is to undertake research on integrating climate change into decision-making processes and implementing existing research into practice. While the primary focus is on organisations responsible for managing and operating road infrastructure, there are likely to be transferable elements of the research, applicable to wider transport infrastructure, which should be highlighted through the outputs.

The results will help to avoid and minimize the disruptive impacts of increasingly extreme weather events on the existing road infrastructure. This will deliver a safer, resilient and more sustainable European transportation network.

As a result of the linkages and dependencies between different phases of work, in this programme there is a single topic which has been split into four phases of work:

Phase A: Impacts and operational risks

Phase B: Adaptation and resilience measures

Phase C: Appraisal methodologies, benefits and costs

Phase D: Developing knowledge and case studies and embedding knowledge and best practice / Training module

Following an open Call between 28 September 2021 and 17 December 2021, the Programme Executive Board subsequently selected one successful project:

ICARUS - Improve the uptake of Climate change Adaptation in the decision making processes of Road aUthoritieS

Project partners: Deltares (Netherlands coordinator), Tecnalia (Spain), Ramboll (Finland, Denmark), Research Driven Solutions (Ireland), Maple Consulting (UK).

Project results: