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FA5 Regulation & Harmonisation

Focus Area 5, Regulation and Harmonization addresses the legal framework within which all of the operations of NRAs must be carried out. It supports the two key Strategic Objectives:
To help NRAs to keep ahead of the curve, anticipate future trends and prepare them to face new challenges
To facilitate and optimize the efficient use of resources, making the best use of existing infrastructures.


With the harmonization of standards across Europe and the ever increasing importance of EU as compared with national legislation, it is essential that NRAs are fully apprised of upcoming developments. The FA coordinates the following of EU legislation under development and the work of standardisation bodies as well as the most efficient implementing of existing legislation. CEDR is not a lobbying or negotiating body; EU member states agree the legislative basis within which NRAs operate, however CEDR provides advice for its members in supporting their national Ministries of Transport and other official MS entities. FA5 allows NRAs to have a better knowledge and be prepared for future EU political, legislative and standardisation initiatives.
The 2020 activities for FA 5 Regulation and harmonisation are:
5.1 Working Group Harmonization and standards
5.2 EU Legislation support group

Chapters of FA5 Regulation & Harmonisation


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