Action Plan activities

FA2 Environment & Resilience

Focus Area Environment and Resilience supports NRAs in CEDR’s fourth strategic objective:

To improve the safety and sustainability of roads, and reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

With this in mind, the FA also has a strong connection to anticipating future developments related to climate change, ensuring road network resilience in the face of climate change and fostering increased environmental awareness, the FA also supports strategic objective one:

To help NRAs to keep ahead of the curve, anticipate future trends and prepare them to face new challenges

fa2The domain of Environment activities includes the range of issues from the quality of air and water, noise nuisance as well as habitats and biodiversity. A main aim of the FA is to examine the process of Impact Assessments and Procedures so that NRAs can improve their practises.
The activities in FA 2 Environment and Resilience are:

2.1 Liaison with PIARC Technical Committee E.1: Adaptation Strategies/Resiliency
2.2 Research Call 2015 – Climate Change: From Desk to Road
2.3 Adaptation and Network Resilience workshop
2.4 Working Group Environment
2.5 Research Call 2016 – Water Quality
2.6 Research Call 2016 – Biodiversity and Invasive Species
2.7 Research Programme 2018 Noise and nuisance – call open

Chapters of FA2 Environment & Resilience


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