Truck parking and services – COVID19

Below is a collection of websites submitted by CEDR members providing information on services for truck drivers during the covid19 pandemic (updated 24/04/2020 16:00 CEST)

CEDR assumes no responsibility for the information shown on these external links.

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Austria: Rest areas in Austria are open and available also during the Corona crisis. The ASFINAG lorry parking information system helps drivers to find a free parking space. Information is provided e.g. via VMS on the road and via our ASFINAG app “Unterwegs”. Restaurants on rest areas are closed as all restaurants in Austria. Sanitary facilities and petrol stations remain open.

Bulgaria:Parking sites and gas stations are open. Hotels and restaurants have been closed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Estonia: “we have not closed any parking sites or gas stations on our roads.”

Iceland: The areas on the road system where it is possible to park and there is private service facilities for all, is and has been open during the whole covid-time.


Latvia: along state owned roads there are two types of parking lots – those maintained by the state (i.e. “Latvian State Roads”) with minimum services (parking lot only in most cases) and several privately owned parking lots with additional services. Information on the location of all parking lots is available on our website at .

Netherland: The parking facilities at motorway rest areas are open. Private truck parking facilities are open.Fuel stations are open, however their pantries are closed.

Road side restaurants are closed, as all restaurants in NL. They have been requested to provide to-go services and to keep their sanitary facilities open (whilst in compliance with the Covid-19 measures). A serious number of truck stop restaurants and some road side restaurants do provide take away meal services. Just as a service/respect to the truck drivers. Drivers have to eat in their truck. Sanitary facilities (toilets, showers) at these truck stop restaurants are open.

Norway: Truck parking areas on motorways/highways in Norway remain open 24/7, while the operators have been required to increase the cleaning and secure “user distancing”.



Switzerland: Rest stops provided by the Federal Road Agency remain open with toilet facilities only.






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