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We were delighted to welcome you at CEDR TRA2018 Village in Vienna and again at TEN-T days in Ljubljana.  The CEDR Exhibition Area has hosted a range of presentations from CEDR projects that can be accessed on our youtube channel and webpage (links below). A timetable of the presentations held in the CEDR exhibition area is available here

One of the first major activities of CEDR was to establish the Transport Research Arena as the main transport innovation conference in Europe.  From road transport origins, in cooperation with our new partners, TRA developed a more multimodal identity; much like many CEDR members including our current Slovene Presidency.  Digitalisation at TRA2018 reflects the further broadening of scope to the ‘virtual modes’.

CEDR is the Road Directors’ platform for cooperation and promotion of improvements to the road system and its infrastructure. Members represent their respective national road authorities.  Our activities are coordinated in five focus areas reflecting the scope of road authority interests: 1 – digitilisation and innovation, 2 – environment and resilience, 3 – safety, operations, mobility and performance, 4 – resources and asset management, and 5 – regulations and harmonization.

CEDR’s village showcases key projects and initiatives from these five areas under the broad scope of three themes:

1   Digitalisation and Connected & Automated Driving (CAD)

CEDR@TRA2018 – Digitalisation

It includes CEDR Call 2014 Mobility and ITS (MAASiFiE, DRAGON, ANACONDA), Call 2017 Automation, Call 2015 Asset Information Using BIM (INTERLINK), Intercor, Socrates 2.0, Concorda, Uitvoeringsplan VWM and Talking traffic.

2   Network Governance

Link to CEDR's channel on TRA2018 network governance

CEDR@TRA2018 – Network Governance

It includes H2020’s AM4INFRA and VITALNodes, CEDR Call 2014 Asset Management and Maintenance (PREMIUM, ARISE, ISABELA, DraT, BEST4ROAD), Call 2015 User Needs in a Multimodal Context (STTRIDE, ISAAC), Call 2015 Freight and Logistics in a Multimodal Context (FALCON, FLUXNET) as well as Rotterdam-Ruhr corridor.

3  Collaborative Innovation

CEDR@TRA2018 – Collaborative Innovation

It covers  Infravation, CEDR Call 2016 Biodiversity (ControlInRoad), Call 2015 Climate Change (DeTECToR, WATCH, MODBEAR), Call 2016 Safety (ADVERTS, PROGRESS, SANA 4-U), Call 2016 Water Quality (PROPER, LUNT, MicropRoOf).  Following the conclusion of their MoU, CEDR and FEHRL will continue cooperation on TRA and through PIARC, CEDR links to fellow organisations worldwide.





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