TEN-T (Roads) Performance GIS web map

WG 3.5 Performance of Road Network has developed a GIS web map to support the visualisation of collected data and to give higher visibility to CEDR’s valuable ‘TEN-T (Roads) Performance Report’.

The web map displays the GIS layer of CEDR’s logical network, in conformity with CEDR’s Location Referencing Model, and allows for the visualisation of thematic maps showing road performance indicators at link level (e.g. road type, number of lanes, etc.) and for different years (on the basis of previous CEDR’s TEN-T (Roads) Performance Report data at 2015, 2013, and 2011).
Moreover, by clicking on the specific link, it is possible to access the whole set of link-based indicators through a pop-up. The GIS web map is currently available here.


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