S8 – Multi-modal

The role of roads in a multi-modal transport system

The task benchmarks and assesses how NRAs cope with different modes.

The goal is to provide multimodality related recommendations to NRAs.

Background to task:

Freight transport is expected to increase throughout Europe by 80% by 2050 and passenger transport by more than 50%. 

This may result in severe increase of congestion and incidents, which in turn can worsen the congestion even more. The road network alone cannot cope with this increase.

The European climate and transport policies

The European climate and transport policies (EU white paper) also push for shift of passengers and freight from road to rail and other modes.

Thereby it is necessary to utilise the most optimal modes and enable efficient transfer at the nodes between different modes.

To develop into a truly multi-modal system

To meet this challenge the transport system has to develop into a truly multi-modal system, which would maximise the output of the transport networks of all modes and would positively influence to traffic safety and incidents.

On the operational level users of transport corridors will have to be offered flexibility in mode choice and integrated transport management solutions, both physical (e.g. park and ride) and virtual (provision of information).

As a consequence to the financial crisis governments are looking for more efficient ways of organising transport agencies.

Today many NRAs are organisationally integrated or otherwise closely cooperating with the administrations of other modes.

The objectives are to

  • Provide a clear understanding of best practice in the efficient transfer of passengers and goods by examining other modes;
  • assess the different starting points for intermodality/multimodality (minimise greenhouse gases, improve freight logistics, maximise throughput, …) and the (system) consequences of the  implementation of intermodality/multimodality;
  • give an overview of the developments in the field of corridor management, with a specific accent on TEN-T network;
  • benchmark the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of co-locating  modes in organisational structures;
  • discuss the role of the NRAs in relation to other modes as well as their core business;
  • provide recommendations to NRAs related to intermodality/multimodality;
  • liaise with European Technology Platform (ETP) taskforce.

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