S6 – Public Procurement

Efficiency in road public procurement

The process to construct road public works is a complex and can be broken down into several phases.

A variety of problems

Engineers and administrations who work for the contracting entities/NRAs are constantly faced with a variety of problems regarding how to manage each of the individual phases of this wide-ranging and complex procedure correctly.

Planning of road infrastructure

Planning of road infrastructure, its design, choosing the contractor (tender phase, works awarding, contract), execution of works, their completion and testing, the possible variations during the design phase and the construction phase, the possible litigations, are activities which can involve critical aspects that may slow down the completing of the works and/or increase their costs.

CEDR’s NRAs members, which operate in accordance with European legislation and with their relative National legislations, are confronted with similar problems when managing this process.

To analyse common problems

Therefore, the aim of the Group is to analyse common problems, share experiences and solutions and identify good practices.

In addition, EU public procurement legislation is facing new challenges and reforms are expected in the near future.

The Commission’s proposals to modernise public procurement in the European Union through the revision of Directive 2004/17/EC (procurement in the water, energy, transport and postal service sectors) and 2004/18/EC (public works, supply and service contracts), will provide a basis for discussion within the group.

Any proposals relating to concessions could also be discussed in the group.

Goals to be achieved:

  • To improve the awarding and management of Public Procurement contracts and the implementation of public procurement legislation.
  • To inform CEDR’s members of the significance and impact of the legislative initiatives.

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