S5 – Road Pricing

Road pricing schemes under the Eurovignette directive

As road networks grow, one of the funding options available is user charging schemes.

The European Union regulates the user charging schemes through the Eurovignette directive.

The Eurovignette directive

This directive, now amended by directive 2011/76/UE, allows the implementation of both “user-pays” and “polluter-pays” principles, within certain well-defined limits.

Several questions may be asked with regard to the implementation of road user charging schemes in this specific European legal context.

To review all relevant aspects

It may be useful within CEDR to review all relevant aspects (financial, technical, regulatory, especially concerning Eurovignette ceilings for infrastructure and external costs) and required implementation steps of road charging schemes in this particular European context.

This should allow identify the most adequate alternative in each case, as well as the economic dimension (revenues covering just operation and maintenance, or generating additional resources for new projects).

To assess the socio economic implications

The task should also analyse the tools required to assess the socio economic implications of any such new scheme, including potential cross border effects.

Goals to be achieved

Goals to be achieved are to analyse and review all aspects involved in the transition from a free road network section to one under a road pricing mechanism, or in the transition from a road charging of infrastructure costs only to road charging with external costs as well.


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