S3 – Information

Adequate information management is of vital importance for the road owner.

To take the right decisions at the right time

Based on his information about his network the road owner is able to take the right decisions at the right time in order to minimize the costs of operation, maintenance and construction and to realize maximum performance of the infrastructure network.

Data transfer from one organization to another or one process to another happens all the time; it is a time consuming and is vulnerable for loss of information and mistakes.

Hence there is a need for new design standards of information and information exchange. Not only on data level but also on process level.

The BIM (Building Information Modelling)

The BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology makes it possible to control and transport all the information from process to process, from phase to phase, and from organization to organization in a very efficient way.

Open BIM

Open BIM consists of software (BIM tools), open information exchange standards, object library, model of infrastructural network.

An open standard is needed to avoid the risk of the so called vendor-locked-in.

This means that by use of an open standard the client creates an open market where data exchange is possible despite the systems used by contractors or clients.

An object library

An object library is a list of defined generic elements of which the European infrastructure exist (a well-structured decomposition).

To enhance standardization

The goal is to enhance standardization of information through implementation of open BIM technology in the infrastructure sector to a larger extent by developing an open information exchange standard and an object library.

Both deliverables are essential for a successful implementation of open BIM and to enhance the standardization of information and information exchange considerably.

The interim report of the task group was delivered to the Executive Board in June 2015


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