Call 2011 Energy

Sustainability and Energy Efficient Management of Roads

The aim of Call 2011 Energy – “Sustainability and Energy Efficient Management of Roads” – was to improve the common understanding and performance of sustainable development in the context of the road authorities. The programme was based on three objectives with an expected output:

  1. A) Sustainability: Develop a common understanding of sustainability and development of a rating system
  2. B) Provide an Energy Efficient Road Infrastructure (construction, maintenance and operation)
  3. C) Determine the most important Road Infrastructure Characteristics which influence Vehicle Energy Consumption

The End of Programme Report is available here.

The programme funded four projects.

CEREAL: Produced a model that can easily calculate the most important contributions of CO2 emission and consequently guide a reduction strategy. Project outputs available here.

LICCER: Developed an easy to use model including a framework and guidelines, based on existing tools and methodologies for Life Cycle Assessment of road infrastructure that can be used within an EIA process in the early stage of transport planning. Deliverables available here.

MIRAVEC: MIRAVEC aimed to support CO2 reduction through enhanced understanding and modelling of vehicle-road interaction. Deliverables available here.

SUNRA: Worked to  develop a common understanding and means of measuring, benchmarking and improving sustainability performance of NRAs in Europe. Deliverables available here.


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