Call 2011 Design

With a budget of EUR1.8 million, Call 2011 Design looked at three key concepts:

  • Safely Optimising Road Network Availability during Maintenance
  • Durable Construction and Maintenance Methods
  • Strategies for Reducing Maintenance Costs

The end of programme report is available here.

The programme funded six projects


INTERNAT4PMS aimed to outline an advanced pavement management procedure for asphalt road pavements. The project focused on the integration of structural parameters and structural pavement deterioration models in pavement performance prediction accomplished in the frame of pavement management systems (PMS). Project deliverables and outputs available here.


MOBI-ROMA developed and evaluated the benefits of the new satellite positioning techniques and operational concepts for road management assessment needs utilising Floating Car Data (FCD). Project deliverables and outputs available here.


POTHOLE addressed the need of road agencies for durable construction and maintenance methods for the repair of damage which occur after hard winters due to repeated frost-thaw cycles.  Project deliverables and outputs available here.


RECYPMA investigated the possibilities for recycling polymer modified asphalt from surface layers into new high quality surface layers using hot mix recycling. Project deliverables and outputs available here.


STARS aimed to enable NRA maintenance contracting authorities across Europe to set appropriate and effective contractual limits for the impacts of road maintenance and construction works on traffic, and to enable consistent benchmarking of roadworks safety across Europe. Project deliverables and outputs available here.


ToolBox aimed to advance the development and implementation of practical strategies and tools to assist road authorities in optimising the maintenance of their road networks, whilst addressing the key interests and expectations of road users. Project deliverables and outputs available here.


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