Calls 2008-2011 ERA-NET ROAD

ERA-NET ROAD was a European Commission-supported project that aimed to strengthen European road research by coordinating national and regional research programmes and policies. Four separate transnational Calls were organised: Climate Change (2008); Safety (2009); Asset Management (2010); Design, Mobility and Energy (2011, three programmes). The procedures established under ERA-NET ROAD were later continued under the CEDR Transnational Research Programme.

Commencing in 2006, European road authorities worked together to identify shared research priorities and coordinate research budgets where possible, culminating in a series of transnational calls for proposals co-funded by different NRAs. The tools and processes that enabled this cooperation were supported through projects under European Union Framework Programmes FP6 and FP7, specifically ERA-NET ROAD (2006-2009) and ERA-NET ROAD II (2009-2011).

The first ENR transnational Call for Proposals was launched in 2008 and was followed by annual Calls up until 2011. In 2010, the Governing Board of CEDR agreed to sustain the transnational effort and mandated its Task Group research to continue the system of transnational calls beyond 2011 under CEDR management.

Further information on the programmes and projects funded ERA-NET ROAD can be found through the following links:

  1. ERA-NET ROAD II – Programme Deliverables
  2. Call 2008 – Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change
  3. Call 2009 – Safety at the Heart of Road Design
  4. Call 2010 – Effective Asset Management Meeting Future Challenges
  5. Call 2011 (three programmes)

Final Reports

End of programme reports from each research programme under ERA-NET ROAD are available at the links below:


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