Call 2014 Asset Management and Maintenance

Call 2014 Asset Management and Maintenance aimed to provide road authorities with better knowledge and guidance of how to manage and maintain all assets of a road network.

The end of programme event for Call 2014 Asset Management took place on October 12-13 2017 in Vienna, Austria.

The final report from Call 2014 Asset Management and Maintenance is available to download here.

The programme consisted of five projects.

A: Practical Road Equipment Measurement Understanding and Management (PREMIUM)

Premium was coordinated by TRL, UK, and focused on road equipment asset management.

Project results:

B: Application to Roads of ISO55000 using Exemplars (ARISE)

ARISE is coordinated by Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd, UK, and focuses on why and how to implement and ISO 55001 asset management system.

Project output:

C: Integration of social aspects and benefits into life-cycle asset management (ISABELA)

ISABELA was coordinated by PMS-Consult, Austria, and addressed the social benefits and costs as related to road asset management.

Project results and further information:

D: Development of the Ravelling Test (DraT)

DraT was coordinated by TRL, UK, and investigated the use of standard ravelling tests to predict pavement durability

E: Best Practice Guidelines for Procurement of Road Maintenance (BEST4ROAD)

BEST4ROAD was coordinated by University of Twente, Netherlands, and  provided recommendations for maintenance procurement by investigating current practices.

Project results:


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