Call 2013 Traffic Management

This programme focused on the following issues:

  • Incident Management: analysis of the risks and costs of handling incidents
  • Implementation of innovation: development of usable solutions
  • Human factors: investigation of human factors in order to achieve high compliance rates for traffic measures

The End of Programme Report is available for download here. 

The programme funded three projects.

PRIMA – Proactive Incident Management

PRIMA targeted the enhancement of current state-of-the-art Traffic Incident Management (TIM) techniques by introducing the idea of Pro-Active Incident Management with the following essential features: Anticipate, Prepare, Respond, and Monitor – anticipate that something may happen, be prepared to respond efficiently when the situation requires it, and monitor developments to minimize secondary effects.

Project results:

UNIETD – Understanding New and Improving Existing Traffic Data

The UNIETD project aims to help NRAs improve the efficiency of road travel by providing better information to drivers and road operators.The project’s primary objective was to guide the national road administrations’ use of third party data such as crowd sourced / social media and floating vehicle data in place of traditional infrastructure-based techniques.

Project results to be uploaded.

METHOD – Management of European Traffic using Human-Oriented Designs

METHOD aimed to develop a human factors perspective on traffic management measures in order to get more out of existing measures and future measures taken by the national road administrations in terms of higher throughput and traffic safety.

Project results:


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