Call 2013 Safety

Call 2013 Safety focused on three issues:

  • Accident Prediction Models (APM): develop knowledge on APMs, their application for conditions on European Motorways and higher ranked rural roads
  • Stopping Sight Distance: examine the subject of Stopping Sight Distance and its role and impact on highway geometric design.
  • Safety Review: develop a tool to collect and assess a number of geometric design elements from the existing alignment and to compare these elements with current design standards

The programme funded three research projects. Project results are available at the links below.


EUSight conducted a detailed examination of the subject of stopping sight distance (SSD) and its role and impact on highway geometric design, taking into account differences (and similarities) between European countries. This research considers stopping sight distance from different (related) approaches: human factors (‘the driver’), road characteristics, vehicle characteristics and conditions (like wet conditions, darkness or tunnels).

Project Results:


PRACT developed  a European accident prediction model structure that can be applied to different European road networks with proper calibration.

One main goal of PRACT project was the development of a web repository to ensure the long term recognition of the project results as a reference for safety management on motorways and higher ranked rural roads in Europe. The basic core of the repository is an online searchable database with the most important Accident Prediction Models (APMs) and Crash Modification Factors (CMFs), which were compiled within PRACT project. The PRACT repository can be accessed here:

Project Results:


ESRET developed practical tools to assist road authorities in undertaking route based site visits and assessments following the identification of high risk locations as part of a Road Authority’s Network Safety Management (NSM) activity.

Project results:


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