Call 2013 Energy Efficiency

This programme developed concepts and strategies for the construction and operation of roads with reduced energy requirements. The aim is to deliver an appreciable reduction in energy requirements using solutions that are appropriate, feasible and cost-effective. The programme funded 4 projects.

EDGAR – Evaluation and Decision process for Greener Asphalt Roads

EDGAR  focuses on the sustainability of  “green bituminous mixtures” in which new materials and technologies are applied for the purpose of energy and CO2-reduction.

Project results:

FUNDBITS – Functional Durability-related Bitumen Specification

In this project, new internationally available data is being reviewed in order to develop performance-based bitumen characteristics which may be introduced into bitumen specification standards EN 12591, EN 14023 and EN 13924.

Project results:


This project primarily aimed to combine available data on the influence of construction parameters on service life with the knowledge of experts of different European countries which will provide a ranking list of the parameters that are most important to monitor and manage during construction. Secondly, incorporated the combined data into a tool that can perform real time analyses of the effect of quality control measures taken under specific conditions, resulting in a quantified risk reduction.

Project results:


This project addresses the problem that National Road Administrations (NRAs) are seeking to reduce the use of energy associated with tunnel operations in an environment where public finances are increasingly stretched and energy prices are increasing.

Project Results:




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