Call 2013 Ageing Infrastructure

This programme has now concluded. The End of Programme Report is available to download here. 

This programme covers the following three areas:

  • Understanding risk factors in managing ageing infrastructure
  • Common cost breakdown framework for road assets
  • High speed non-destructive condition assessment of road pavements and interacting assets

The programme has funded three projects.

Cross-asset risk assessment (X-ARA)

The main objective of the project “X-ARA – Cross-Asset-Risk-Assessment” has been the development of a comprehensive risk assessment framework including a set of guidelines and a practical software tool (X-ARA risk tool) for the network level assessment of asset risks and impacts. The approach took into account the requirements and needs of different stakeholders, considered in an initial desk study, and focused on delivering a working model fit for use by National Road Administrations around Europe.

Project Results:

Risk assessment of ageing infrastructure (RE-GEN)

The objective of this project has been to provide Road Owners/Managers with best practice tools and methodologies for risk assessment of critical infrastructure elements, such as bridges, retaining structures and steep embankments.

Hi-speed survey specifications, explanation and quality (HI-SPEQ)

HI-SPEQ aimed to deliver improvements to the process of describing high-speed survey equipment, specifying the requirement for surveys/survey equipment and the regimes that should be applied to ensure the quality of data delivered. The project also aimed to improve the ability to obtain good value from the measured data by making use of the best derived parameters to assess condition within asset management systems.

Project Results


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