Call 2012 Safety


Call 2012 Safety addressed two key safety challenges for European road authorities:

  1. Protecting the safety of people who work on roads and reducing the risks to road workers with the objective of Zero Harm
  1. Choosing whether to use Vehicle Restraint Systems (VHS) and identifying the parameters that determine safety, performance, serviceable life and whole lift costs.

The end of programme report for Call 2012 Safety is available here.

The programme funded three projects. Project results are available at the links below.


ASAP  looked at recommending the best methods for controlling speed through roadwork zones. The project has analysed and graded 24 different speed-reducing measures and developed recommendations for both long and short-term roadworks, both on motorways and country roads.

Project Results:


The BRoWSER project helps national road authorities enable a data-led approach for managing road worker safety. The project has provided the framework for a European rod worker casualty database, including guidance for implanting this database, a benefits case and recommendations for the consistency of roadworks.

Project Results:


The SAVeRS project produced a practical and readily understandable Vehicle Restraint System (VRS) guidance document and a user-friendly web-based tool that allows the selection of the most  appropriate safety barriers including parapets, terminals and transitions, motorcycle protection devices. The project has also produced a separate standalone publication titled :’Defining the parameters which can influence the need and selection of VRS’, which compares the different VRS design standards across Europe and also across North America and Australia.

Project Results:


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