Call 2012 Recycling

Road construction in a post-fossil fuel society


Recycling and minimising use of resources is of vital importance to European road authorities given the finite nature of fossil fuels and other resources.  Call 2012 Recycling aimed to develop new concepts for road construction, with a particular focus on pavements.  The programme funded three transnational projects with a total of  thirteen consortium members.

A: Characterization of Advanced Cold Recycling Bitumen Stabilized Pavement Solutions (COREPASOL) 

COREPASOL Developed and recommended a harmonized advanced mix design procedure for cold recycled bitumen stabilized materials, for application throughout Europe. This allows road administrators and designers to use cold-recycled mixtures as a standard component of a pavement structure. Project website available here.

Project results:

B: Effects of Availability on the Road Network (EARN)

EARN investigated the effects of using reclaimed asphalt (RA) and/or lower temperature asphalt on the road network. The project addressed the durability of road structures, layers (and in particular the surface course) and materials containing high proportions of reclaimed road materials. Different strands, e.g. laboratory and site trials, were fed into life-cycle analysis models to customise them for the effect of using alternative component materials on the availability of the network and their overall financial and environmental cost. Project website available here.

C: Toward a sustainable 100% recycling of reclaimed asphalt in road pavements (AllBack2Pave) 

AllBack2Pave established, through laboratory tests on binders and asphalt mixes, whether the use of high rates of reclaimed asphalt is feasible in developing mixes with a high level of durability. The “AllBack2Pave enduser manual” explains on how to best produce cost-effective and quality asphalt mixes with high RA content. Provides a basis to develop an own sustainability rating system for road pavements which will take into account results of previous projects, e.g. GREENROADS®. Project website available here.

Project Results:


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