Call 2012 Climate Change

Road owners adapting to Climate Change


Road authorities need to evaluate the effect of Climate Change on the road network and take remedial action concerning design, construction and maintenance of the road network.  The aim of Call 2012 Climate Change was to provide road owners with adaptation technologies and the models and tools to support decision-making concerning adaptation measures for the road infrastructure.

The end of programme report for Call 2012 Climate Change is available here.  

The programme funded two research projects – ROADAPT and CliPDaR. Individual project results are available at the links below.

ROADAPT – Roads for Today, Adapted for Tomorrow

ROADAPT targeted the need for a risk-based approach addressing causes, effects and consequences of weather related events to identify the major risks that demanding mitigating measures from road authorities. An initial framework for this had been prepared through the RIMAROCC framework (Risk Management for Roads in a Changing Climate) under ERANET ROAD Call 2011. ROADAPT aimed to further develop this framework into practical and useful methods for road owners and road operators.

Project Results:


CliPDaR (“Design guideline for a transnational database of downscaled climate projection data for road impact models”) addressed the need for review, analysis and assessment of existing (regional) Climate Change projections regarding transnational highway networks (TEN-T). The project CliPDaR engaged in:

  • Assessment of statistical/dynamical downscaling: to facilitate a proper procedure that deals with the uncertainties of the future climate with respect to the needs of future budgets and maintenance issues
  • Assessment of ensemble simulations and climate projections as well as the definition of a pragmatic data provision for decision making
  • Assessment of future cold winters and hot summers in Europe.

Project Results:


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