CEDR Call 2012

Launched in May 2012 with an overall budget of EUR4.35 million provided by nine CEDR members, Call 2012 was managed on behalf of CEDR by the National Roads Authority (NRA) of Ireland. The Call funded programmes on Climate Change, Noise, Recycling and Safety.


The Call contained four research programmes addressing key challenges for European road authorities:

  1. Call 2012 Recycling – Road construction in a post-fossil fuel society
  2. Call 2012 Noise – Integrating strategic noise management into the operation and maintenance of national road networks
  3. Call 2012 Climate Change – Road owners adapting to Climate Change
  4. Call 2012 Safety

The four programmes funded a total of thirteen research projects and have now concluded. Further information on these research projects and their results can be found through the links above.

End of Programme Reports under Call 2012 are available below:


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