Call 2017 Collaborative Planning of Infrastructure Networks and spatial Development

This research programme focuses on the need for developing a common framework to obtain the synergies from interactive planning of infrastructure and spatial development (‘collaborative planning’).

The aim is to produce synergies that result in a higher return on investments relating to:

• More robust multi-modal accessibility
• Added value to spatial-economic development
• Improved sustainability and liveability
• Enhanced societal support
• Reduced costs of mitigation and planning time, and
• Diversification of financing sources (co-funding by other authorities and infra users).

The research is expected to provide National Road Authorities (NRAs) insight into optimizing collaborative planning and to produce specific tools to enable NRAs to do collaborative planning of multi-modal infrastructure and spatial development serving multiple objectives.

The call has three sub-themes:
A: Exploring effective approaches for future-proof road networks based on trends in mobility and spatial development
B: Planning and designing the interface between (trans)national road networks and local transportation (‘last mile’)
C: Assessing the added value from spatial development as a factor in infrastructure planning.

Following an open Call between November 22, 2017, and March 1, 2018, the Programme Executive Board selected three successful projects.

SPINTRENDS – SPace and INfrastructure Trends

Project Partners: AIT (Coordinator; Austria), MUST Städtebau (Germany), TEMAH (Netherlands), Ecorys (Netherlands)

Project results:

SPINDESIGN – SPace and INfrastructure DESIGN

Project Partners – MUST Städtebau (Coordinator; Germany), TEMAH (Netherlands), Sweco (Sweden), AIT (Austria), Ecorys (Netherlands)

Project results:

SPADE – Collaborative Planning of Infrastructure and Spatial Development

Project Partners – Panteia B.V. (Coordinator; Netherlands), HaCon (Germany), TOI (Netherlands), AIT (Austria)

Project results:


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