Call 2016 Safety

Call 2016 Safety aims to improve the knowledge and experience of National Road Administrations in the field of road safety in such a way that the NRA’s are able to improve their Guidelines, Standards and Network Strategy.

The Call has an overall budget of EUR 880,000 and is addressing four specific challenges:

A: Safety for both Road Worker and Road Users – reduce   incursions into work zones

B: Driver Distraction – (Digital) Billboards

C: Guidance for Safe road sides

D: Self-explaining systems for VRU safety in non-urban areas

The Programme Executive Board brings together representatives from Belgium (Flanders), Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Four projects have been selected and are now underway.

PROGRESS – Provision of Guidelines for Road Side Safety

The PROGReSS project will provide recommendations to achieve organisationally robust and practicable guidelines for road sides that can be implemented by road authorities. For further information, visit the project website at

Project Coordinator: Govert Schermers, SWOV, the Netherlands

Project results:

IRIS – Incursion Reduction to Increase Safety in road work zones

The main aim of IRIS  is to share best-practices on traffic management at work zones with national road authorities in Europe for short, medium and long term road works. For further information please view this project presentation or visit the project website

Project Coordinator: András Várhelyi, Lund University, Sweden

ADVERTS – Assessing Distraction of Vehicle drivers in Europe from Roadside Technology-based Signage

The ADVERTS project aims to inform national road authorities across Europe on  issues related to distraction from roadside billboards and on the best-practices in the context of a safe system approach.  For further information, please view this presentation or visit the project website –

Project Coordinator: Ingrid Van Schagen, SWOV, the Netherlands

Project results:

SANA-4U – Safety in Non-Urban Areas for VRU

The objective of the SANA-4U project is to identify areas for improvement in road design, standards and guidelines in regard to vulnerable road users’ safety in non-urban areas.

Project Coordinator: Christopher Patten, VTI, Sweden

Project results:


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