Call 2016 Biodiversity

Call 2016 Biodiversity aims to develop a strategy to eradicate or control the spread of invasive alien plant species (IAPS) while conserving and promoting indigenous biodiversity.

This research under this programme will take into account the possible conflict of promoting biodiversity versus the risk of creating ecological traps (e.g. by providing favourable habitats there is a higher mortality risk for wildlife), and how road infrastructure may contribute to increased ecosystem connectivity. It is an overarching goal that the research outputs will be implementable in practice.

The programme is addressing two specific challenges:

A: Alien invasive plant species: prevention, detection and control in construction and maintenance

B: Biodiversity along the road verges and infrastructure related constructions: protection and promotion during construction, operation and maintenance works

The Programme Executive Board (PEB) brings together representatives from Austria, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden.

There are two projects under this programme.

ControlInRoad – Controlling the spread of invasive species with innovative methods in road construction and maintenance

ControlInRoad brings together  experts from different disciplines –  engineers and researchers –  to develop and evaluate methods to prevent the spread of invasive alien plant species during road construction and maintenance. In line with this goal, the project will:

  1. Compile a list of IAP related to roads for selected European countries.
  2. Test new methods of IAP management
  3. Develop a best practice guide for road construction and maintenance
  4. Create a cost-benefit analysis for best practices

The project has opened a questionnaire for national and international experts who are concerned with the problem of invasive species or who are interested in invasive species for other reasons. The questionnaire is available here.

For further information, please visit the project website here. 

EPIC ROADS – Project Ecology in Practice: Improving infrastruCture habitats along roads

The EPIC ROADS project aims to provide European NRAs with a knowledge base and practical guidelines for the construction and maintenance of Habitats related to Transport Infrastructure (HTIs). The objective is to help road authorities take full advantage of the potential of transport infrastructures to contribute to biodiversity conservation.

For further information contact Hans Martin Hanslin, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research Dept. of Urban Greening and
Environmental Technology  –



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