N7 – ITS

Utilising Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for NRAs

Due to the ITS action Plan and Directive, ITS is high on the European Agenda, and the European Commission is pushing for accelerated European-wide and seamless deployment of European ITS services.

At the same time ITS is becoming an increasingly important tool for the NRAs to improve safety, efficiency, multimodality and the impact on the environment as well as NRAs’ own processes, and offers a direct link to the end users via ITS services.

The task is providing the structure and means for the required close cooperation between EC and CEDR/NRAs on all levels, while also supporting and cooperating with many other SP3 tasks utilising ITS such as the tasks working on e.g. road safety, standardisation, road pricing, congestion, and multimodal transport systems.

The task is prepared to face the future challenges, of which many have been identified by CEDR in the Strategic Plan 2014-2017.


The EC has started the drafting of mandatory specifications for ITS as the basis for interoperable deployment and continuity of services across Europe.

Whereas the focus will be on six identified priority actions at first, the form and impact of the specifications are so far unknown. CEDR has a seat in the ITS Advisory Group, offering an opportunity to support the drafting process by providing input on business and implementation aspects.

The EC requests CEDR to provide targeted and well underpinned input to influence those definitions and possibly also any follow-up proposals for implementation by promoting the NRA objectives related to traffic management and safety.

It is also expected that good quality EasyWay deployment guidelines and harmonised ITS implementations realized may provide inputs for the European ITS specifications drafting process.

The Goals to be achieved by the Group are;

  • Provide CEDR strategic eyes and ears in the ITS arena, with focus on key European actions and initiatives relevant to NRAs, discussing and elaborating on important issues with the relevant stakeholders and organisations (e.g. ITS standardisation bodies, industry fora, …).
  • Provide strategic assistance to EB & GB on ITS related matters, including advice on recommended position taking and actions
  • Establish and maintain close liaison with the EC on appropriate levels
  • Identify concerns of NRAs related to EU ITS Action Plan and Directive, monitor the progress of the implementation of the ITS Directive, and elaborate on common views,
  • Where relevant, support and provide high quality input to the EC decision making process for ITS: a) How to optimise the flow of traffic taking into account safety and environment concerns (role of ITS); b) Monitor the progress on implementation of the ITS Directive; and c) Provide input and support for the CEDR representative in the ITS Advisory Group (timing partially dependent on the EC agenda)
  • Transversally discuss and elaborate on ITS with other CEDR SP3 tasks, and support the utilisation of ITS by these CEDR SP3 tasks.

Task Group N7 supports CEDR’s role in the Amsterdam Group and DATEX II



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