N5 – Road Safety

Improvements in the field of Road Safety

Throughout Europe driver error is the main contributing factor to road accidents.

The second largest contributing factor to road accidents is the road and its environment.

The third contributing factor is the vehicle. It should be our aim for the EU to be a world leader in road safety on national roads.

The EU Transport Plan 2050 (WHITE PAPER – Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system) states that “By 2050, move close to zero fatalities in road transport”. In line with this goal, the EU aims at halving road casualties by 2020.

In order to work towards achieving this target, and the United Nation’s Decade of Action on Road Safety 2011-2020, which aims to reduce road deaths and injuries across the world, it is essential for the CEDR member states to share knowledge on evidence based research, experiences and methods that have proved to affect the interaction between the road user, the infrastructure and the vehicle in a positive way with regard to Road Safety.

The Council of the European Union “encourages strong cooperation between the bodies responsible for the infrastructure in the Member States and the vehicle industry in order to support the deployment of promising in-vehicle safety systems that can contribute to save lives on the European road-network”.

CEDR will therefore work to understand what actions need to be taken and initiate high-level co-operation with the vehicle industry to discuss how the national roads will be better prepared to match the emerging new life-saving vehicle technologies.

The objectives are:

  • To continue the successful sharing of information in the field of Road Safety among the CEDR member states, and to identify common trends in the road safety strategies of member states.
  • Through information exchange within the task group, help Member States to effectively implement the Directive on Road Infrastructure Safety Management (2008/96/EC)
  • To support the Member States in implementing relevant best practice solutions from the five ERANET projects ”Safety at the Heart of Road Design”.
  • To encourage the National Road Administrations to improve/maintain their databases in order to support further research in the field of Road Safety.
  • Keep Member States up to date regarding the status of ITS in the area of Road Safety.
  • To cooperate in defining common future research needs in the field of Road Safety.
  • To help reduce the number of road users and road workers killed or injured in traffic accidents in road work zones.   

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