N3 – Winter Maintenance

Winter maintenance standards

The efficient operation of road networks during winter is an important role for European Road Administrations, including snow removal and anti-skid measures.

Legal obligations and operational standards that define the works to be performed differ throughout Europe.

It would be useful for NRAs to have an easy to understand summary of different winter maintenance standards so they can compare their levels of services and identify common problems.

After recognition of common problems in winter maintenance, interested NRAs can invest (through CEDR) together into research and development projects that will provide solutions to their issues.

First objective is to compile available information about winter maintenance standards and procedures from 25 CEDR member states.

This information will include data about the applied legal standards and procedures, systematic regulation of winter service, operational methods, equipment and materials used.

Second objective is to gather the information from the same countries about operational difficulties or their most urgent issues regarding winter maintenance.

Third objective is to provide CEDR member states with a list of research issues (stemming from gathered information) that are of common interest to them and for the solution of which they can finance research projects.

This task was completed in 2015.

Following the approval of the Governing Board, the final report of CEDR Task Group N3 on Winter Service Research Needs has been published.


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