I4. Climate Change

Climate Change and Sustainable Mobility are growing concerns in most European countries.

Many countries have set a target on the reduction of CO2 emissions by implementing comprehensive transportation strategies including technical, organisational and monetary measures.

Greater stress in the future.

Nevertheless, climate change will result in roads being subjected to greater stress in the future.

Therefore, adaptive measures and avoidance strategies are also necessary to ensure future mobility.

Strategic Plan for CEDR 2009-2013 (SP2)

In the Strategic Plan for CEDR 2009-2013 (SP2), the Task Group (TG) for Mitigating Climate Change focused on on-going activities and government policies concerning climate change and sustainable mobility.

This work should continue in SP3 keeping an eye on the broader perspective of how the transport system can contribute to developing carbon neutral society, and at the same time narrow the scope compared to SP2 identifying the road sector’s contributions more specifically:

In SP2, the TG for Adapting to Climate Change pointed out the importance of addressing all implication of climate change at an early stage as possible.

Mapping the remedial actions

The work undertaken aimed at mapping the remedial actions regarding flood, erosion, landslide, rock fall, avalanches, droughts, high temperatures, heavy precipitation, sea level rise, winter conditions, risk assessments and calculation of costs.

These activities should go on in SP3 by narrowing the field of work compared to SP2 and focus on how the road owners identify and improve the most vulnerable assets and the risk assessment methods and tools they use to be prepared for demanding conditions following the effects of climate change.

The objective of the work

The objective of the work shall be to keep CEDR’s members informed about on-going activities and best practices in mitigating strategies and adaptive measures in the road sector in view of the global challenge climate change.


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