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EN+ Infravation

Infravation uses the ERA-NET Plus (EN+) instrument of the EU Framework programmes to enable joint funding from Member Countries, the EC and others. Infravation – Infrastructure Innovation – brings together funding from European countries and the EC, as well as the participation of the USA. The project is supported by CEDR through a dedicated task within the Strategic Plan.

 Infravation will pave the way to a new form of transnational research funding cooperation complementing the existing CEDR transnational programme and the EU programmes. It applies a real common pot that merges national and EC top-up funding into one funding pot. This approach allows for a coordinated, common governance structure for the funding of innovative R&D projects leading to demonstrations, enabling the best expertise to be used, regardless of nationality and thereby minimising programme management and enabling the maximum use of resources for transnational research cooperation.

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