FA1 encompasses activities related to connected and automated driving, future digitalisation of transport and innovation. The FA’s main goal is to help NRAs to keep ahead of the curve, anticipate future innovative trends and prepare them to face new digital challenges.

FA1 Digitalisation and Innovation

CEDR activities in FA1 Digitalisation and Innovation are:

1.1   WORKSHOP: Open Data

1.2   WG Connectivity, Automation and Data (CAD)

1.3   PROJECT: Amsterdam Group


1.5   PEB: Research Call 2014 Mobility and ITS

1.6   WORKSHOP: Future Transport

1.7   WG Innovation and Research

1.8   PROJECT: Infravation Research Programme

1.9   PEB: Research Call 2017 Automation

1.10 PEB: Research Call 2017 New Materials, Techniques, Methods and Systems for Sustainable Construction

1.11 PEB: Research Call 2018 Building Information Modelling (BIM)

1.12 PEB: Call 2020 Impact of CAD on Safe Smart Roads