Research workshop on water management in the face of climate change

From February 6 to February 7, 2017

On February 6-7, the WATCH research project will organise a workshop on water management in the face of climate change. The workshop will take place in Delft, the Netherlands

Funded under Call 2015 Climate Change, the WATCH project addresses the most important high frequency causes of road flooding, caused by rainfall and run-off flooding in the area around the road, and heavy rain on the road itself. The project’s objectives are to:

  • Develop a manual to determine current and future resilience of the NRAs approach to water management, ensuring optimal maintenance planning and asset management.
  • Provide easy access to climate data tailored to determining resilience and providing guidance on how to use these data.
  • Develop a simple tool to show climate analogues for rainfall extremes.
  • Gain insight in the application of SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems) for storage and cleaning of excess water.
  • Gain insight in the alternatives to the costly retrofitting of existing drainage systems.
  • Enable informed decision making on water management, supported by cost-benefit analysis.

The workshop will introduce the project’s work with presentations of the state of the art and allow the audience to gain experience with climate change, SuDS, cost benefit analysis and the existing state of practice regarding roads water management. It will also provide an opportunity to share experiences, such as in dealing with differences and similarities between climate regions, different road owners’ approaches to rainfall and climate change analysis and the availability of data and information. The workshop will be valuable to the project in identifying user and information needs.


Send an email to stating that you would like to register for the WATCH workshop, plus some information of your background

Further Information

Further information about the workshop can be downloaded here.


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