Incursion Reduction to Increase Safety in road work zones

October 11, 2018

The IRIS research project will hold a workshop on the morning of October 11, 2018, at the VIAS institute in Brussels.

IRIS or “Incursion Reduction to Increase Safety in road work zones” is a project commissioned under CEDR Call 2016 Safety. The consortium brings together three research institutes: KFV from Austria, Lund University from Sweden and the Vias institute from Belgium.

The workshop on October 11 will present  the newest relevant insights on traffic management at work zones for short, medium and long term road works. The IRIS Team will reveal a first set of recommendations for accident prevention. The teams will seek CEDR members’ thoughts about how these recommendations can fit into current practices, and the barriers that may be encountered. The team will then build on the contributions at the workshop to further develop their recommendations and maximise the potential for implementation throughout Europe.

Registration is available here.

Attendees may also be interested in joining the workshop of the ADVERTS research project, which is holding a workshop at the VIAS institute on the afternoon of the same day.



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