Call 2015 Freight and Logistics in a Multimodal Context – Final Conference

From December 12 to December 13, 2018

This conference will present the results of two research projects which have focused on the parameters that influence modal choice in freight transport. The conference will take place at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, the Netherlands, on December 12-13, 2018.

A draft programme for this conference is now available here

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In 2015, CEDR members identified the following key challenges for NRAs and established a research programme to address this gap in NRA capabilities:

1. Understanding what influences modal choice (including behaviour)
2. Identifying how infrastructure and infrastructure services can affect modal choice
3. Influencing modal choice through fit for purpose road vehicles (“performance-based)

Launched in December 2015, the programme funded two projects tackling these challenges.

FALCON – part A: NRAs face a logistics knowledge gap that must be solved in order to optimise the multimodal network. FALCON has developed a handbook explaining the principles of freight markets, logistics strategies, how multimodal transport works and how NRAs can influence it.

FLUXNET – part B: Spatial planning is often disconnected from infrastructure, freight and logistics. This presents a challenge for NRAs. FLUXNET has provided insight into the tools NRAs can use to optimise the multimodal use of the infrastructure networks by the freight and logistic sector, with
particular focus on the connection between land use and infrastructure planning. The project has developed an overview of “living labs” that can help further explore the benefits of integrating multimodal transport networks, liveability and spatial planning.

FALCON – part C: Through looking at the role of data chains and the role this can play in optimising the logistics chain, FALCON has developed smart infrastructure access policy (SIAP) for current and future road freight vehicles ensuring proper fit between the vehicle and the network. This  SIAP can help NRAs enhance road freight transport productivity, safety, infrastructure capacity and lifetime.

It is now time for road authorities to move to the next step: integrating and implementing these research findings into decision-making and work practice.The conference on December 12-13 will present the results of these projects and look ahead to the next step: how can these results be implemented into practice by CEDR members across Europe?

Attendance at the conference is free of charge.


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Call 2015 Freight and Logistics in a Multimodal Context


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