Action Plan activities

SP3 Technical Domain Strategy (2013-2016)

TD Strategy shall focus on the role of the NRAs in monitoring developments in the fields of standards and EU directives, initiatives and actions, in financing and public procurement, as well as in transport systems

TD Strategy shall develop priority actions for its following three work areas:

a) Standards and EU directives:

Work in this area shall focus on developing actions for monitoring and supporting the efforts of various European bodies entrusted with the development of standards and directives that apply to the road transport sector.

b) Financing and procurement:

Evaluate the present financing and procurement systems and look into new financing concepts and strategies and their implementation (including road pricing).

c) Transport systems:

Look at the contribution of roads in a multi-modal transport system and the specific role of CEDR.

Chapters of SP3 Technical Domain Strategy (2013-2016)


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