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SP3 Technical Domain Network management (2013-2016)

TD Network Management shall focus on the role of the NRAs in safely and efficiently managing and operating the road network and developing and providing a service to road users and others who may be affected by the operation of road networks.

 TD Network Management shall develop priority actions for its following four work areas:

 a)  Performance Indicators: Work in this area will focus on developing and promulgating the key performance data for the TEN-T road network. This will include establishing the data provided as the single accurate source of key data for use elsewhere in CEDR and CEDR reports.

 b)  Asset management and operations: Work in this area will focus on the sharing of best practice relating to road asset management and operation. This will include the impacts of the EU directive on heavy vehicles, best practice in winter maintenance and development of understanding relating to the state of the art of asset management – for the safe and cost effective management of the road network.

 c)  Road Safety: Work in this area shall focus on the sharing of best practice in road safety for road network management and operating. This will include information relating to both road user and road worker safety.

 d)  Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS): Developments in technology and ITS have the potential to enable improvement in road management and operation, particularly in relation to road safety, traffic and congestion management and the provision of information to road users. Work in this area will provide a focus on technology and ITS for CEDR and keep EB and GB members well informed about the benefits of emerging and established technology.

Chapters of SP3 Technical Domain Network management (2013-2016)


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