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SP3 Technical Domain Innovation (2013-2016)


TD Innovation shall focus on the role of the NRAs in developing and deploying innovative approaches in planning, designing, financing and operating the networks with which GB members are entrusted, and in research issues.


TD Innovation shall develop priority actions for its following five work areas:

a) Research – Work in this area shall focus on developing a framework that allows the research activities of the NRAs to be bundled and put in practice in a most effective way thereby contributing to sustainable mobility for the benefit of the society, the economy, and the environment.

b) Sustainability – Work in this area shall enable NRA’s to collect data, know-how and best practices aimed both at reducing a key item of road operation and management costs and at reducing CO2 emissions.

c) Climate change – Work in this area shall focus on keeping CEDR’s members informed about on-going activities and best practices in both mitigating strategies, including energy savings solutions, and adaptive measures in the road sector in view of the global challenge climate change.

d) Local environmental issues – Work in this area shall focus on keeping CEDR’s members informed about recent innovative research results, EU initiatives and best practices in planning and design on both water quality and road noise issues thereby contributing to a better consideration in their daily deployment.

e) Human resources – Work in this area shall focus on promoting the attractiveness of the road administrations for both on-going professionals and existing staff and encouraging the temporary exchange among them.

TD Innovation shall tackle the following seven tasks from CEDR’s priority list with seven task groups (TGs) organised within its five work areas.

Chapters of SP3 Technical Domain Innovation (2013-2016)


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