Action Plan activities

FA3 Safety, Operations, Mobility & Performance

In Focus Area 3 Safety, Operations, Mobility and Performance, the NRAs are working together on the day-to-day aspects of road management and CEDR’s second Strategic objective:

To reinforce NRAs role as key providers of efficient and seamless mobility from an end user perspective within the transport system

Whilst additionally address the specific safety aspect of strategic objective four:
To improve the safety and sustainability of roads, and reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.


This FA could be described as the ‘day-to-day business of road managers’ with a strong focus on keeping traffic flowing safety and efficiently on our road networks. This involves exchange of best practise between NRA staff as well as common development of new approaches (including three research programmes). The development and benchmarking of the Performance of Europe’s TEN-T Road Network is also a key tool for CEDR’s NRAs in improving management approaches.

The 2020 activities for FA 3 Safety, Operations, Mobility and Performance are:
3.1 WG Road Safety
3.2 Research Call 2016 Road Safety
3.3 WG Traffic and Network Management
3.5 WG Performance of road network
3.7 Research Call 2015 User Needs in a Multimodal Context
3.8 Research Call 2015 – Freight and Logistics in a Multimodal Context

Chapters of FA3 Safety, Operations, Mobility & Performance


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