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FA1 Digitilisation & Innovation

The main challenge of Focus Area Digitalisation and Innovation is to address CEDR’s first strategic objective;

To help NRAs to keep ahead of the curve, anticipate future trends and prepare them to face new challenges


Focus Area 1 (FA1) therefore encompasses activities related to Connected and Automated Driving, Future Transport  and Innovation Activities.  Specific objectives are providing the ‘eyes and ears’ of CEDR and NRAs with regard to European and global developments in a fast moving domain of ITS and connected & automated transport.  This will provide the understanding about the implications of automatic driving for the NRAs from all points of view: investments required; liabilities (in case of accidents); delays and congestion; and legal implications.  Innovation activities will develop collaborative transnational innovation programmes that build from the shared challenges and objectives of CEDR members; promote dissemination and knowledge transfer of the results from the respective innovation programmes in order to enable their implementation by CEDR members’ own chosen action; and explore and identify opportunities for innovation development for CEDR members in own and other European and international programmes. The Annual Research Call managed by Working Group Innovation is the cornerstone underpinning CEDR’s innovation, implementation and dissemination objectives. The activities will also provide advice on innovation issues at the request of the NRAs.

The activities for 2020 in FA 1 Digitalisation and Innovation are;

1.1      Open data workshops (completed in 2018)

1.2      Working Goup Connected and Automated Driving

1.3      Amsterdam Group

1.4      DATEX II

1.5      Research Call 2014 Mobility and ITS

1.7      Working Group Innovation (Research & Implementation)

1.8      Infravation research programme

1.9      Research Call 2017 Automation

1.10    Research Call 2017 New Materials, techniques, methods and systems for sustainable construction

1.11   Research Call 2018 Building Information Modelling (BIM) – call open

Chapters of FA1 Digitilisation & Innovation


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