CEDR's Action Plan is a live document subject to regular updates, aimed at defining the activities to be undertaken by the organisation and plan the resources accordingly. 

Every year, the Action Plan is reviewed and updated, specifying the objectives and activities over the following three years, with the flexibility to allow the responsiveness of the organisation to changing circumstances.

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The Action Plan is structured around the following five Focus Areas:

FA1 Digitalisation and Innovation

FA1 encompasses activities related to connected and automated driving (CAD), future digitalisation of transport as well as innovation and research.

FA2 Environment and Resilience

FA2 includes a wide range of activities focusing on the topics of climate change, water and soils’ quality, biodiversity, noise and sustainability, among others. 

FA3 Safety, Operations, Mobility and Performance

FA3 could be described as the day to day business of NRAs aimed at keeping traffic flows safe and efficient. It focuses on the issues of road safety, traffic management and performance of road networks. 

FA4 Resources and Asset Management

FA4 tackles the challenge of developing and maintaining NRA's infrastructures in an efficient way. The FA’s activities are related to procurement, finances and network governance.

FA5 Regulation and Harmonisation

FA5 addresses the legal framework within which all NRAs’ operations must be carried out and focuses on the topic of harmonisation and standards as well as all relevant EU legislation pieces.