26.08.2015 CEDR Call 2012 – Deliverables published for CEDR Climate Change projects!

Deliverables have been published for the two projects funded under CEDR Call 2012 “Road owners adapting to Climate Change”.

 The CliPDaR project focuses on the review, analysis and assessment of existing regional Climate Change projections regarding transnational highway networks (TEN-T) needs with particular emphasis given to the results from a number of previous and ongoing projects. The main objective of the research is to provide recommendations for application by European road agencies.

 The ROADAPT project has provided a number of methodologies and tools enabling a rational, integrated approach to Climate Change adaptation based on tailored and consistent climate information. This includes guidelines for:

 A. The use of climate data for the current and future climate

B. The application of a QuickScan on climate change risks for roads

C. Detailed vulnerability assessment

D. Socio-economic impact assessment

E. Selection of an adaptation strategy

The final conference for these two projects will take place in Brussels on October 27-28. Attendance to the conference is free of charge for all participants. Interested parties can register their attendance at https://clipdar-roadapt-finalconference.eventbrite.fr


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