06.10.2015 Launch of 9 projects under ERANET Plus Infravation Infravation

ERA-NET Plus Infravation 2014 ( infravation.net ) pools research funds to develop transport infrastructure innovations which address the challenges identified in the European Commission’s White Paper on Transport

Smart, Green and Integrated transport. At their last meeting in Brussels on 15-16th April 2015, the ERA-Net Plus Infravation Steering Group agreed on the list of full proposals which had been selected for negotiation and funding. This selection list had arisen from the ranking list resulting from the peer-review of independent international experts. The negotiations of all the grant agreements of these proposals have been concluded throughout the summer and have led to the following 9 projects, which are currently in their launch phase.

 The selected projects are:

1. ALTERPAVE – use of end-of-life materials, waste and alternative binders as useful raw materials for pavements construction and rehabilitation

2. BIOREPAVATION – innovation in bio-recycling of old asphalt pavements

3. ECLIPS – enhancing concrete life in infrastructure through phase-change systems

4. FASSTBRIDGE – fast and effective solution for steel bridges life- time extension

5. HEALROAD – induction heating asphalt mixes to increase road durability and reduce maintenance costs and disruptions

6. SEACON – sustainable concrete using seawater, salt-contaminated aggregates, and non-corrosive reinforcement

7. SEEBRIDGE – automated compilation of semantically rich BIM models of bridges

8. SHAPE – predicting strength changes in bridges from frequency data safety, hazard, and poly-harmonic evaluation

9. SUREBRIDGE – sustainable refurbishment of existing bridges


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