Call 2013 Ageing Infrastructure: Publication of End of Programme Report

The final report from Call 2013 Ageing Infrastructure has now been published.

The report summarises the work undertaken within the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme entitled “Ageing Infrastructure:  Understanding Risk Factors & High-Speed Non-Destructive Condition Assessment”. Through this programme, CEDR members funded research supporting the implementation of innovation in asset management solutions. The programme aimed to meet the research needs of European road authorities in three key areas:

  • Understanding risk factors in managing ageing infrastructure
  • Common cost breakdown framework for road assets
  • High speed non-destructive condition assessment of road pavements and interacting assets.

The three projects in the programme were:

  1. HiSPEQ: Hi-speed survey specifications, explanation and quality
  2. RE-GEN: Risk assessment of ageing infrastructure
  3. X-ARA: Cross-asset risk assessment

This report presents the methodology and outcomes of the three projects and provides an overview of the outcomes of the final conference on this Call, which was held in Brussels on 14th/15th February 2018.

The report is available for download here.


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