CEDR Call 2017: Selection of research projects

All projects under CEDR Call 2017 have been selected and will now commence research activities.

CEDR Call 2017 has three research programmes  as follows.

Call 2017: New Materials and Techniques

This programme aims to develop concepts and strategies and to demonstrate their applicability to increase the long-term durability of pavements while at the same time ensuring a reduced dependency of raw materials and a low fossil energy demand. The solutions must be feasible, proven and cost-effective.

The projects in this programme are:

PavementLCM –  A complete package for Life Cycle Management of green asphalt mixtures and road pavement.

Project Partners: University of Nottingham (UK, coordinator), TNO (Netherlands), VTI (Sweden) and the University of Palermo (Italy).

CRAB for OERE – Cold Recycled Asphalt Bases for Optimised Energy & Resource Efficient Pavements.

Project Partners: Univeristy of Kassel (Germany, coordinator), the University of Nottingham (UK), Uni Delle Marche (Italy), IFFSTAR (France), VTI (Sweden).

FIBRA – Fostering the implementation of fibre reinforced asphalt mixtures by ensuring its safe, optimized and cost-efficient use

Project Partners: University of Cantabria (Spain, coordinator), TUBS (Switzerland), EMPA (Germany), BAM (Netherlands), SINTEF (Norway), Veidekke (Norway) and Virginia Tech (USA).

Call 2017: Automation

The aim of this research programme is to investigate what transformational change automation will create for National Road Authorities (NRA’s). Specifically what new opportunities will automation produce and what core business changes are required to unlock these opportunities?

The projects in this programme are:

MANTRA – Making full use of Automation for National road TRansport Authorities

Project Partners: TRAFICON (Coordinator; Finland), Arndt (Germany), HiTec (Austria), University of Leeds (UK), TU Delft (Netherlands) and VTT (Finland)

DIRIZON – Advanced options for authorities in the light of automation and digitalisation horizon 2040

Project Partners: TNO (Coordinator; Netherlands), Albrecht (Germany), ROD (Ireland), AustriaTech (AustriaTech)

STAPLE – SiTe Automation Practical Learning

Project Partners: FEHRL (Coordinator; Belgium), AIT (Austria), ERICA (Portugal), IFSTTAR (France), Maple Consulting (UK), VTI (Sweden)

Call 2017: Collaborative Planning of Infrastructure Networks and Spatial Development

This research programme focuses on the need for developing a common framework to obtain the synergies from interactive planning of infrastructure and spatial development (‘collaborative planning’).

The projects in this programme are:

SPINTRENDS – SPace and INfrastructure Trends

Project Partners: AIT (Coordinator; Austria), MUST Städtebau (Germany), TEMAH (Netherlands), Ecorys (Netherlands)

SPINDESIGN – SPace and INfrastructure DESIGN

Project Partners – MUST Städtebau (Coordinator; Germany), TEMAH (Netherlands), Sweco (Sweden), AIT (Austria), Ecorys (Netherlands)

SPADE – Collaborative Planning of Infrastructure and Spatial Development

Project Partners – Panteia B.V. (Coordinator; Netherlands), HaCon (Germany), TOI (Netherlands), AIT (Austria)

Further information available via: https://www.cedr.eu/strategic-plan-tasks/research/call-2017/


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