Call 2013 Roads and Wildlife: Publication of Manual and End of Programme Report

Road administrations are increasingly aware of the need to minimise the impacts of roads and traffic on wildlife. Under Call 2013 Roads and Wildlife, CEDR has published two Contractor Reports providing insight into effective and cost-effective measures for achieving this.

The aim of Call 2013 Roads and Wildlife has been to gain better knowledge and guidance on how to combine roads with the surrounding nature and wildlife. This requires understanding the effectiveness of different mitigating and maintenance strategies in order to solve the conflict between wildlife and roads, and investigating more cost-efficient methods for building and maintaining road structures as well as structures for reducing the impact on wildlife.

Two Contractor Reports have now been been published from this programme:

  1. The End of Programme Report;
  2. The Call 2013 Roads and Wildlife Manual.

The End of Programme Report summarises the objectives, research approach, key findings and added value of the 4 research projects under the programme.  This report is available to download here.

The Call 2013 Roads and Wildlife Manual is intended to complement the COST 341 Handbook, “WILDLIFE AND TRAFFIC, A European Handbook for Identifying Conflicts and Designing Solutions”. The manual is the result of an integration of the outputs of the “Harmony”, “SAFEROAD” and “SafeBatPaths” projects under this Call – under the ECOROADS Partnership – along with further input from European road ecology experts. The aim of the manual is to update the information in COST 341 to reflect changes such as those in European Union legislation and policy. The manual also identifies best practice in areas such as procurement, maintenance and monitoring which received less emphasis in the COST 341 handbook. The Call Roads and Wildlife manual is available to download here.

Further information on Call 2013 Roads and Wildlife is available here.

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