Launch of CEDR Call 2017

Call 2017 under the CEDR Transnational Research Programme is now open.

This Call for Proposals opened on November 22, 2017, and will close on March 1, 2018.

The Call has three separate research programmes covering the following topics:

1. New Materials and Techniques

With a budget of EUR 2.2 million, this programme will look at three key sub-topics:

(a) Reliable life cycle and social cost-benefit analysis of “green asphalt”

(b) Simplifying the use of RAP

(c) Usability of Super Materials

2. Automation 

The Automation programme has a budget of EUR 1.8 million and will look at the following sub-topics:

(a) How will automation change the core business of NRA’s?

(b) What new options do NRAs have from digitalisation and automation?

(c) Practical learnings for NRAs from test sites

3. Collaborative Planning of Infrastructure and Spatial Development

This programme has a budget of EUR 900,000 and will focus on three sub-topics:

a) Exploring effective approaches for future-proof road networks based on trends in mobility and spatial development

b) Planning and designing the interface between (trans)national road networks and local transportation (‘last mile’)

a) Assessing the added value from spatial development as a factor in infrastructure planning

Participating CEDR Members

The participating CEDR members are Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. These road administrations have committed funding for the research and have provided experts for the selection and technical management of the projects.

The Call is managed on behalf of CEDR by FFG, Austria.

Call Documents

All relevant documents for Call 2017 are available at the website of the Programme Manager here.

The notification of the Call in the Supplement of the Official Journal of the European Union is available here.

Full details on the three topics are provided in the Descriptions of Research Needs, which were developed by experts from within the CEDR member organisations in response to priorities indicated by them. The commissioned research will build on all existing knowledge.

Full details on how to apply are provided in the Guide for Applicants. The Call is open to applications from coordinators of consortia that meet the following conditions:

  • Consortium has at least two independent legal entities (including the coordinator) from different countries.
  • A maximum 75% of the workload can be assigned to one partner.
  • Project coordinator must be a legal entity in Europe.

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