Call 2016 Biodiversity: Supplementary Call

A Supplementary Call under CEDR Call 2016 Biodiversity is currently open and will close on December 21 2017.

The aim of CEDR Call 2016 Biodiversity is to develop a strategy to conserve and promote indigenous biodiversity by exploring how, and to what extent, linear infrastructure (i.e. roads
in the context of this research so not including watercourse, powerlines or rail corridors) contributes to, or negatively impact, biodiversity and ecosystem services. This research
should take into account the possible conflict of promoting biodiversity versus the risk of creating ecological traps (e.g. by providing favourable habitats there is a higher mortality risk
for wildlife), and how road infrastructure may contribute to increased ecosystem connectivity. It is an overarching goal that the research outputs will be implementable in practice.

Launched in December 2016, the Call identified two priority research theme: Management of invasive alien plant species; and Biodiversity in Road Networks.

One project on the theme of invasive species is already underway under Call 2016 Biodiversity. This supplementary Call addresses the theme of Biodiversity in Road Networks.

All information and documents related to the Call are available through this link.

Call 2016 is managed on behalf of CEDR by Rijkwaterstaat, the Netherlands.


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