Publication of Integrated Network Management and ITS reports

Following the approval of the Governing Board, CEDR has published CEDR report 2017/01 Reducing congestion with integrated network management (INM) and CEDR report 2017/02 Utilising ITS for NRAs

CEDR report 2017/01 Reducing congestion with integrated network management (INM)

Smart mobility solutions such as integrated network management (INM) can help reduce congestion, ensure more efficient, safer, and cleaner transportation, and improve services for road users. When viewed from this perspective, integrated network management is defined as ‘an approach that includes both traffic management and traffic information measures integrated and managed within a transport network’ and is seen both as essential for the effective reduction of congestion and a no-regrets development.

Many NRAs are in the process of moving from single road management towards integrated network management that covers different modes, regions, borders, and/or networks. While the promises and potential of smart mobility solutions such as integrated network management are considerable and politically very popular, the implementation of these solutions is complex and has many operational, tactical, and strategic consequences that can be characterised at the very least as being challenging for the different stakeholders involved.

NRAs, road operators, and public transport operators must continue to work closely with one another to cope with the growing mobility of a changing society and increased congestion on roads. Existing and new ITS tools as well as data management and exchange will play a role by enabling active, integrated traffic management on the overall road and transport network (relation to TEN-T and to European corridors). In general, other players on the market will play a greater role with effects on traffic management and congestion.

The results of the work of task group N6 (Congestion, TG N6) during CEDR’s Strategic Plan 2013–2017 are presented in this report.

CEDR report 2017/02 Utilising ITS for NRAs

This report outlines the main achievements and conclusions of CEDR task group N7 (ITS for NRAs, TG N7) during CEDR’s Strategic Plan 3 (SP3) 2013–2017.

The group has reached all of its objectives, including that of acting as CEDR’s strategic eyes and ears in the field of ITS, focusing on key European actions and initiatives that are relevant to national road authorities (NRAs). The group discussed important issues¾sometimes in great detail¾with relevant stakeholders and organisations, provided strategic assistance to CEDR and advice on recommended positions and actions. It liaised closely with the European Commission (EC) at the appropriate levels, monitored activities relating to the ITS Action Plan and Directive and identified NRA concerns about and elaborated common views on the implementation of the ITS Action Plan and Directive. It also provided high-quality input to the EC’s ITS decision-making processes and discussed ITS with other CEDR task groups, supporting the utilisation of ITS.

In addition to its cooperation with the EC, the group cooperated with key European ITS projects with road operator emphasis: the iMobility Forum, the DATEX project and community, TISA, ERTICO taskforces and platforms, as well as the cooperative ITS (C-ITS)-related Amsterdam Group initiated by CEDR.


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